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After years of research and following Asian, American and European market trends, we will be launching a poneering App in Latin America that enables you to use the essence of cryptocurrencies.

Make them usable to pay or receive any and all transactions in real-time from anywhere in the world. Let's go together?


Change the way you see your transactions

Cryptocurrencies are already a fact, not just a trend. Huge markets like Asia and Europe are moving billions with Bitcoins. Be part of this ecosystem and get ahead, both for ease of real-time, global transfer and for purchasing services products using Bitcoin.

Make Bitcoin your currency.

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Send / Receive Bitcoin

Request or send payments in real time.

Pay your Bills

Pay slips in no time using your Bitcoins.

Market Price

Track the Bitcoin price in real time through the App.

Local Transfer for All Banks

Make local transfers for any Bank using your Bitcoins in seconds.

Buy a Lot of Services

Easily purchase services from the world's largest companies.

Mobile Prepaid Credits

Buy prepaid credits for any carrier.

Cielo POS Machines

Use Bitcoin for local purchases at millions of merchants.

All Your Activities

Monitor all your Bitcoin transactions on the App.

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